Draft Beer Cooling System

The primary difference in draft beer and bottle beer is that bottle beer is pasteurized, and draft is fresh. With draft you have great taste, but it requires considerably more care and management. There are four essential details for serving high quality draft beer on a consistent basis. If these details are correct, draft beer is significantly better tasting than bottled beer. If any of the details are deficient, draft beer loses its unique quality.

  • Beer-Glass
  • Scout-Guide Chairs

In addition to our Boathouse management, the distributors monitor “fresh dates”. The temperature is constantly maintained in a very narrow range. We have a large capacity exclusive walk-in cooler for our keg system. We only enter the cooler for deliveries and maintenance. The beer lines, carrying the draft to the bar for service, are surrounded by chilled, food grade glycol circulating through separate lines wrapped around the draft lines. The glycol also travels into the draft head dispenser, evidenced by the ice coating. Our system delivers perfect draft every glass and the iced heads provide a refreshing look!