Last year we served over 157,000 oysters!

Oysters are traditionally marketed by their growing areas. The nutrients, salinity and temperature of the water help to determine the color, flavor, texture and plumpness of the oysters. Only oysters from state certified and inspected waters pass our stringent quality standard. Boathouse is one of the top oyster bars in the U.S., and we pride ourselves on offering the best quality, selection, and value to our guests.

Market price and availability subject to change daily

Johns River

Johns River Estuary, Maine

Intense fruitiness, sweet, briny. Very rare, only a few thousand harvested per year.

Chesapeake Bay

Virginia or Maryland

Slightly sweet, crisp, mildly salty. Consistent flavor always mild and somewhat soft.


New Brunswick, Canada

Refined, light, delicate. The perfect starter oyster for a novice oyster eater.

Island Creek

Duxbury Bay, MA

Buttery, briny, clean. Won Best Oyster at the largest blind oyster tasting ever held.

We constantly add new varieties so check back, or check our FB page to see what’s new.